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Who is Authorized to Make Lock Changes?

Lock changes are a typical and routine procedure for home, business, and vehicle owners. It is not unlikely that at some point in everyone’s lifetime, they will be faced with the need or necessity to change a lock of some sort. However, there are certain provisions surrounding lock changes and not just anyone has the authority to make certain replacements or lock changes. If you are curious to learn more about lock changes, who is authorized to make such changes, and how to go about changing your own locks, read on!

Commercial Properties

Commercial building and business owners can change their locks as they wish, as long as they have the proper paperwork proving ownership. Professional locksmiths performing commercial building lock changes will always ask for proof of ownership before performing any kind of procedures.

It is worth noting that some businesses will need to consult their renter’s contracts or other building agreements that govern the rules of their particular space. For example, some businesses in historic districts may only be allowed to display certain kinds of exterior locks or locks of a certain color. While business owners may have the right to replace locks, there may be certain provisions that building owners and managers must follow if they are under any kind contract.

Residential Properties

Homeowners have free reign to replace, change, or upgrade their home locks as they please. Similarly to business owners, proof of ownership will need to be shown in order for a locksmith to perform these procedures. Homeowners may opt to replace their locks for a variety of reasons, but it is always advised to work with a professional locksmith in order to do so.

Apartment, condo, and townhouse dwellers will need to be more careful when it comes to lock changes, especially if they are under contract or the Home Owner’s Association. If you rent your home, you will need to consult your rental agreement or speak to an HOA representative in your area in order to make sure you are not breaking any legal agreements.

Some locations or apartment complexes may have stricter provisions than others, so it is always best to check with your complex specifically and address exactly what type of lock change you would like made. Most apartment complexes will not allow you to change the front door lock on your apartment, especially, due to safety reasons. In the event of a flood, fire, or other emergency, apartment officials would be unable to enter the apartment with a key. Always check with your apartment management or read your rental agreement before removing or replacing any apartment locks.


Just as with business owners and homeowners, vehicle owners will need to show proof of ownership to whatever locksmith they hire to change their vehicle locks. Vehicle locks should be changed if you have purchased a vehicle second-hand or your current vehicle locks are starting to wear down.

While certain lock changes can be performed by oneself, such as a simple chain lock installation in one’s home, vehicle locks should never be changed by someone who is inexperienced. Vehicle lock changes are much more complicated than other kinds of locks and involve much more programming than standard residential or business locks. You would not want to attempt to change your vehicle locks, only to have them stop functioning somewhere down the line at the worst possible time. You can avoid any potential mishaps by having an experienced locksmith change your vehicle locks for you.

Hiring Professional Locksmiths for Lock Changes

No matter what kind of lock changes you need, make sure you always hire a certified, professionally trained, and insured locksmith to help you. In any kind of vehicle, home, or commercial lock change scenario, it is always best to have a professional locksmith come in and assist. They will make sure any new locks are placed properly and function as they should. Since locks are so crucial to keeping you and your loved one’s safe, it is worth it to have a professional oversee the replacement and installation of any new locks you may need.

Do not ever let an uninsured or uncertified locksmith replace your locks, even if you are tempted to do so because you are being offered locksmithing services at a lower or reduced cost. This is how individuals get themselves caught up in locksmithing scams or end up with damages to their home locks that cost thousands of dollars to fix. Avoid falling for any kind of scams and invest in a professional locksmithing service in your area that has a good reputation.

Always work with a professional locksmith right from the start for any lock changes or replacements that you need done. It is never worth it to work with an inexperienced or uncertified locksmith, so make sure the locksmith you hire has the right credentials.

Receive Professional Lock Changes in Your Area

If you have additional questions about lock change authorizations or have specific concerns about your property, be sure to contact a local locksmith. It is best to call a locksmith in your area, even if it is just to ask questions, in order to get the most complete picture of locksmithing regulations in your region. A professional, local locksmith can help you determine how to best meet your lock change and other locksmithing needs. Do not hesitate

Wallingford, CT residents that are concerned about changing their locks or need assistance with proper lock changes can call on Wallingford CT Locksmith for help today! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your current locks or any security concerns you have around your home, for your business, or even your vehicle. Our expert lock and key specialists do it all and will give you the proper locksmithing services you deserve. The next time you need a lock replaced, new keys made, or other services, call Wallingford CT Locksmith!