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Old Keys: How to Recycle and Reuse Them

Do you have a desk drawer full of old keys you no longer use? What about the junk drawer your family uses to store miscellaneous knick-knacks? Have you noticed an abundance of keys piling up that you just aren’t sure what to do with? This happens to plenty of homeowners, especially if you have moved around a lot. Instead of tossing out your old keys, there are several projects you can try and things you can do to reuse your old keys effectively. Below you will find a handful of suggestions you should try with your old keys that can help give them new life and a new purpose.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Old keys can be used for a variety of arts and crafts projects. The opportunities to get creative with old keys are truly endless. You can make a necklace by simply tying a thread through the key. You could also display your keys in a painting or use the outlines in a drawing of some kind. The options for how you can use your old keys for various art projects are only limited to your imagination.

One popular item that is often created using old keys is a wind chime. This is simple and easy to do since all you need is a ring of some kind and some string. You can place the keys at varying lengths around the ring using string or ribbon. This will create a completely unique windchime for your family to enjoy at little to no cost to you.

Create a Memento

If you remember the places your old keys were once used for, you might want to consider making a memento. This could be as simple as creating a Christmas tree ornament or a more detailed shadow box that displays your old keys. Your first apartment, the first home you shared with your spouse, and other sentimental times in your life can be represented well with old keys. A shadow box that displays individual keys with labels of where and when they were once used can make a great gift or piece of art for your home.

Use Them to Weigh Down Curtains

Keys are a great way to weigh down curtains, especially if they are lightweight. Simply stick a key in the hem of the curtains to keep them from blowing all over the place when the windows are open. This is a discrete and free way to keep your curtains weighed down without needing to spend money or purchase different kinds of curtains.

Tie Down Helium Balloons

For birthday parties, anniversaries, and other events involving balloons, consider using old keys as weights. Instead of buying weights exclusively for balloons, you can reuse old keys to keep helium balloons from flying away.

Use Them for Zipper Pulls

You can use old keys on backpacks and purses for zipper pulls, especially if the original zipper pulls are small or difficult to grab. Simply use a piece of string or some other kind of tie to secure an old key to the zipper pull of your purse, backpack, or bag.

Use Them as Pull Chains for Ceiling Fans

If the pull chain on your ceiling fan is missing a knob at the end of it, making it difficult to grip the chain, try attaching an old key to it. This gives you a way to easily pull the chain on the ceiling fan when wanting to adjust the speed or turn the fan on or off.

Clean the Treads of Shoes

Old keys are great for cleaning. Hiking boots and other shoes with deep treads on the bottom can easily get mud, dirt, and debris stuck in them. If you have ever experienced this, you know they can be near impossible to clean entirely. Next time, try using an old key to get in between the treads and remove any excess dirt or grime. Keeping an old key or two in your mudroom or by your back door will come in handy after long hikes or adventures out in rainy weather.

Create a Set of Play Keys for Your Child

It is no secret that toddlers and young children want to be like their parents and other adults around them. One fun way you can reuse old keys is to make a fake key set for your child. They can pretend they have a working set and will be delighted to have a set of keys that is their very own, just like mom or dad.

Donate Them to a Locksmith

It is possible that a locksmith in your area may be able to take your old keys for you and recycle them for other purposes. If you find that you don’t have any use for your old keys and want to simply get rid of them, it is best to call around and see if a locksmith in your area might be able to use them. Recycling keys whenever possible, or reusing them for various projects, are always better options than simply tossing them out.
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